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  • Nalini Reddy

Coronavirus and Insurance


There is no insurance protection for disruptions to businesses arising from COVID-19.

Why ?

Even though insurers have widened the protection under the business Interruption section of the Business policy to provide coverage for things such as an outbreak of Legionnaires disease, or a measles outbreak which closes down one or two buildings disrupting a small number of businesses. A few policies have been known to provide coverage for an outbreak up to 50 kilometres from the business location, however most policies will only ever cover an infectious disease that occurs on the premises itself.

The cover afforded by both business packs and standard Industry special risks policies are not intended to cover disruption caused by an outbreak in a different state, let alone a different country.


For travel policies taken out before the 23rd of January 2020 – you may be covered for medical expenses that arise from contracting the disease overseas, and may even be covered for cancellation expenses ( depending on your policy )

For travel policies taken out on or after the 23rd of January 2020 – once a disease has been listed as an epidemic or pandemic, if you start a new policy you won’t be covered for any coronavirus-related claims. Insurers would expect that you entered the policy with the knowledge of potential loss.

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